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RaveBOX is Here!

 by raveshield on 13 Nov 2015 |
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What is RaveBOX? Well, breaking down the name it seems like it is a box you might take to a rave. Obvious right?

Not exactly.

The supplements included range from Magnesium, to vitamin C, to melatonin, 5-HTP, and more. Scroll down just a bit and there are the descriptions of each supplement, when you should take each of them.

So why buy RaveBOX. Well, trying to stop all of the consumption of MDMA (Molly) at raves seems to be quite the losing battle. So instead of trying to stop it outright, why not make sure anyone who decides to consume it, is safe. We are in no way promoting the consumption of illegal substances, but we aren't stupid. We know it's going to happen, we just want to do our part and make sure you keep on raving.

Browsing through the website you might see that buying RaveBOX in bulk will save you money. Don't forget about free shipping worldwide. (P.S. That is huge, shipping can be outrageous).

If you're still reading this, then I can assume you're interested in RaveBOX or at least learning about how to keep yourself safe. That's what is important, your safety. Whether you decide to buy a RaveBOX for your next wild outing, or you are a veteran of the scene and want to build your own box, we sincerely hope the information presented above was helpful.

Check out the RaveBOX above and help us keep ravers like you safe and!


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