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Different Supplements

RaveShield kits include up to 9 different supplements, each serving an important purpose in protecting your body and heightening your experience. Powerful antioxidants and scientifically proven compounds work in harmony to prevent MDMA induced toxicity.


Pre and Post Intervals

Your supplement selection will consist of up to 6 intervals, conveniently separated out for trouble-free consumption. This scientifically derived pre-loading and post-loading regiment brings your body's chemistry into perfect harmony.


Ravers Protected

The knowledge behind RaveShield's supplement kits and intervals has already enhanced the fun of thousands of partiers. Join the masses and protect yourself from neurotoxicity and harsh comedowns.

Don't be a victim of MDMA toxicity and harsh side effects

Just because the party is over doesn't mean you have to feel bad!

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Molly, Ecstasy, Candy. Let's face it, MDMA has become a cornerstone of the party scene and every festival you go to is going to be flooded with starry-eyed music lovers dancing and rolling. But even though MDMA use is more and more commonplace, knowledge about how to be smart and stay safe is not.

RaveShield's goal is to give you the tools you need to have an unforgettable night while minimizing the side effects and toxicity that comes along with MDMA usage.

Benefits & Protections

There are lots of benefits and protections to be gained from adding supplements to your MDMA experience. Scroll down to learn more about the supplements and how they help keep your body healthy.

Order Your Kit

RaveShield recommends RaveBOX Supplement Stack to fit your needs. Focus on the recommended essentials with the Basic kit, safeguard a long night with the Extended kit, and even smooth out your post-party rebound with the Aftermath kit.

Easy Intervals

All your supplements are pre-packaged by intervals printed on each cell with the list of ingredients on them so you know exactly which supplements to take and when. No need for lengthy instructions or schedules.

What supplements should you use and why?

MDMA is some powerful stuff and it can send your body through the ringer if you don't protect yourself. Here is a list of all the supplements RaveShield recommends, what they do, and a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo on why they're important. The good news is they are all packed conveniently as RaveBOX supplement stack.

Na-R-ALA: Stabilized Alpha Lipoic Acid

Regarded as one of the most important supplements to complement MDMA use, ALA will prevent MDMA induced neurotoxicity.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. It also has a nice benefit of regenerating other vitamins, like C, after redox cycling. It exists in two enantiomers, R-ALA and S-ALA. R-ALA is the biologically active isomer that we are looking for. Most supplements are racemic, or a mix of both. Racemic ALA does not reach as high of plasma levels as R-ALA, nor does it stay in the blood as long. R-ALA by itself is very unstable, and is not suitable for supplementation. This is where bonding it to sodium comes into play. Na-R-ALA, or sodium R alpha lipoic acid, allows for stable delivery of just the dextrorotory isomer of ALA.
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Vitamin C

A common and effective antioxidant that protects against organ toxicity and neurotoxicity.

Vitamin-C is a common and effective antioxidant. It will help scavenge any reactive oxygen species that get created. It has been shown to prevent MDMA induced hepatotoxicity.
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Grapefruit Juice

Prevents MDMA from metabolizing into more harmful and toxic chemicals.

The enzyme CYP3A4 is good at metabolizing MDMA to MDA using N-demethylation. MDA is MUCH more neurotoxic than MDMA. There is no doubt that any MDA in your system is bad for you. The furanocoumarins present in grapefruit juice are potent CYP3A4 inhibitors. Studies show up to a 90% reduction in CYP3A4 metabolism after grapefruit juice ingestion. How much of your MDMA dose gets metabolized to MDA depends on a number of different factors, like dose, re-dosing schedule, body temperature, etc. Drinking grapefruit juice will drastically inhibit this metabolism. Your MDMA plasma levels will be higher when drinking Grapefruit Juice, so be aware of that when selecting dosages. It also has vitamin C and will increase stomach/intestinal/urinary acidity. This will help excrete MDMA in urine unmetabolized.
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Green Tea Extract (EGCG)

Assists your body in managing and flushing toxins.

Green Tea Extract, particularly Epigallocatechin gallate, is a potent antioxidant and diuretic. It will help with the urinary retention arising from MDMA induced vasopressin release.
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Regulates your body's sleep cycle, continues to shield your system from toxicity.

Melatonin is created from serotonin. Your body uses it to control sleep/wake cycles. It is also a very powerful antioxidant. After using MDMA, your serotonin levels will be low, and your melatonin levels will be affected. Taking a melatonin supplement before bed will help you sleep, but will also help scavenge any oxidative substances your other antioxidants have missed.
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Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate gives your body the substance it needs to naturally protect itself from excitotoxicity.

MDMA induces a release of extracellular glutamate in the hippocampus. Glutamate is the body's primary excitatory neurotransmitter. It binds to NMDA receptor sites, along with glycine, opening the ion channels and allowing calcium to enter the neuron. This is how the brain sends cascading electrical signals. When the ion channels open for too long or too frequently, calcium concentrations can become too high in the neuron. This can lower the effectiveness of your ion channels, or can even cause neuronal death. Magnesium is the substance your body uses to block the channel in a voltage-dependent manner. This means that the ion channel will not allow Ca2+ to pass, even if glutamate and glycine are bound to their receptor sites. However, once the neuronal membrane's electrical potential rises to an excited state, the Mg molecule will clear the channel and allow for normal operation. Most people are deficient in magnesium as it is. Supplementing a highly bioavailable magnesium supplement will give your body the substance it needs to naturally protect itself from excitotoxicity (this is when nerve cells are damaged or killed by excessive stimulation). There are a number of different types of magnesium supplements. Some are not absorbed very well. Others are. The most common form, oxide, is one of the worst. This is where the concept of chelation comes into play. Magnesium is a substance that readily binds to insoluble salts in the stomach and intestines, which makes it hard to absorb. However, if you chelate the magnesium molecule to a soluble amino acid, it prevents it's binding to insoluble salts, as well as opening up the possibilities for active transport. This means that fully chelated magnesium is absorbed much better by the body. Magnesium Glycinate is Mg chelated to a glycine molecule.
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Grape Seed Extract

Provides vitamin E and flavonoids which shields against neurotoxicity and lipid oxidation.

Grape Seed Extract is a supplement high in vitamin E and flavonoids. Vitamin E deficiency has been shown to increase the severity of MDMA induced neurotoxicity. Also, flavonoids are potent antioxidants that will help protect against lipid oxidation and reactive oxygen species.
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Works with ALA to reduce stress on the body and shield against neurotoxicity.

Acetyl-L-carnitine synergises with Alpha Lipoic Acid and protects against oxidative stress. It has been shown to prevent MDMA induced neurotoxicity.
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Helps your body restore its depleted serotonin.

5-HTP is the direct precursor to serotonin (5-HT). It is created from tryptophan in your diet using the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH). MDMA can reduce TPH levels for weeks after use. This will make it harder for your body to produce the necessary 5-HT from normal dietary sources alone. Since 5-HTP does not need TPH, supplementing it the few days following your roll will help you body restore it's 5-HT levels. 5-HTP can pass your blood brain barrier, while 5-HT cannot. This means that when you supplement 5-HTP, you want to make sure it gets converted to 5-HT in your brain and not your periphery. The enzyme that converts 5-HTP to 5-HT is aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase. It is found in your stomach and periphery, as well as your brain. This means that we have to inhibit it, so that your 5-HTP has time to pass your blood brain barrier. EGCG is an inhibitor of L-amino acid decarboxylase (Also known as DOPA decarboxylase). ALWAYS take EGCG with your 5-HTP to ensure that your brain is getting the serotonin, and not your periphery.
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Works to shield your neurons from excitotoxicity.

When your NMDA receptors open and allow Ca2+ to influx into the neuron, that calcium must then be pumped back out of the neuron to bring it back down to resting potential. Protein pumps are what force the Ca2+ back into the extracellular space. To do this, they need andenosine triphosphate (ATP). CoQ10 is used by your body to synthesize ATP, which will allow your protein pumps to be able to expel the excess Ca2+ more efficiently. This will protect your neurons from excitotoxicity.

When should I be taking these supplements?

The intervals at which you ingest the supplements are as important as the supplements themselves. When you get your supplement kit, it will already be broken down by interval and labeled accordingly for ease of use.


Anticipation Interval

6 hours before dosing.

This interval plants the early seeds of fortification in your body.

Includes: Magnesium Glycinate, Grapefruit Juice


Pre-game Interval

2 hours before dosing.

This interval prepares your body for MDMA dosage, using antioxidants and compounds that form powerful shields against toxicity.

Includes: Na-R-ALA, Magnesium Glycinate, Vitamin-C, Grape Seed Extract, ALCAR, EGCG, CoQ10


Gametime Interval

2 hours after dosing.

Now that your roll is in full swing, this interval's goal is to heighten protections and facilitate in toxin management.

Includes: Na-R-ALA, Magnesium Glycinate, Vitamin-C, Grape Seed Extract,


Sunrise Interval

4 hours after dosing.

This interval is intended for the relentless partier. An additional intake of Na-R-ALA gives increased fortification for when you're dosing big, going all night, or redosing.

Includes: Na-R-ALA


Crash Interval

Before Sleeping.

This interval is meant to end the night and bring you back to a state of calm. Leave this interval on your pillow and take it when you're ready to tap out.

Includes: Melatonin


Aftermath Interval

The following 3 nights.

This interval works to get your body back to reality and helps to get your depleted serotonin levels back, faster.

Includes: 5-HTP, EGCG

5-HTP should never be taken prior to, or the same day of, an MDMA dose as it can cause a dangerous state known as Serotonin Syndrome. Always wait until the following night and should always pair with EGCG.

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